Comments about Fiery Hope

You’re not only creating art but inspiring and empowering others to do the same.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful generosity and creativity.  You are a great gift to our community . . . I used to speed read, but am enjoying savoring this book. I loved the Wally and Nita section!  You went from intimate, personal stories to the big picture—why these magnificent humans can be talked about in the same frame as Nelson Mandela and MLK.  The stories are so inspirational and really capture their depth as the truly exceptional people they were. 
—C. F.
Turners Falls, MA
I finished reading your book, having loved that I could read it in sections without losing the beat. You tell a wonderful story with honesty and joy. And you tell YOUR story, involving others as appropriate, without invading bounds of confidentiality. How can you have accomplished so much?!
—M. P.
Greenfield, MA
I finished reading your book on the trip to Atlanta for a national conference. I especially loved the telling of your conversation with Wally in the “Why Keep Doing It?” chapter. I enjoyed the first half of the book on the way to Atlanta, but really felt the story in a different way on the way home after spending an evening at the National Center for Civil and Human Rights.
—M. L.
Greenfield, MA
Your book lifted me up in this time of great trouble. It brought me back to [my] time of singing with you and how much I learned about the power of song.
—D. S.
North Ridgeville, OH
It was a pleasure hearing you read from your amazing personal history and the history of the Amandla [Chorus]. The book is a treasure!
—M. R.
Greenfield, MA
My friend P. went to your book launch and raved about it.
—F. K.
Northampton, MA
You are a wonderful and animated storyteller and I enjoyed the reading very much.
—D. M.
Greenfield, MA
You did beautifully!  And I hope you sold many copies — on the caliber of your writing alone (not to mention the quality of the stories), you should.
—D. M.
Buckland, MA
I really enjoyed your presentation.  Such a remarkable life you have lived.  You gave me hope and optimism!
—S. C.
Colrain, MA
I am loving every story in your Fiery Hope!
—S. B.
Greenfield, MA
It was so much fun to hear you read and relive meaningful past experiences.  But I wanted to break out into song several times:  The Elders, Freedom iI Coming  How about a flash mob at one of your readings??
—J. F.  Greenfield, MA
Loved your readings and book, and how you end with a song!
Flows with ease and caring.
—C. G.  Warwick, MA
That was one of the best events I've ever had at the library -- I'm so appreciative of the work you do in the world, and honored and awed to have it available right in my workplace! I thought the menu of reading topics was brilliant.
—Matt Atwood, Programming Librarian, Dickinson Memorial Library
Northfield, MA
Absolutely stunning reading.  You are great at engaging and holding an audience.  Take it from one easily bored!
—M. F.
Northfield, MA
It was wonderful to hear your stories.  What a moving and inspiring history you have to share!  Thanks for putting yourself out there for all of us to benefit. 
—J. W.
Northfield, MA
I enjoyed every minute of your reading and especially loved the story about your mom. The John Glenn story is a great one, too.
—D. N.
Petersham, MA
We really appreciated your reading. Somehow even when we have read and really been touched by the writing, hearing it read is very special.
—M. E. P.
Greenfield, MA
We are LOVING your book!
—J. L.
Marlboro, VT
Your presentation was AWESOME and the perfect close to the music and social justice series.
—Faith Kaufmann, Head of Arts and Music, Forbes Library
Northampton, MA